Diving into Design Thinking

To kick off our Managing in the Creative Economy course, we had a start-up seminar with Dr Dan Lockton, where we dove right into the subject of design thinking.

Design thinking may seem straightforward but to me personally it’s learning a new way of thinking. I tend to be very solution-focused. But design thinking requires for me to slow down and take a different approach.

Since I’m an analytical person who likes lists, here’s a guideline that’s open to revision.

  1. EMPATHY leads to understanding and framing the problem.
  2. CREATIVITY is coming up with different solutions, developing and prototyping them.
  3. INNOVATION is implementing these solutions.

Design thinking focuses very much on the empathy, in understanding the problem or need other people have. The most important task is to frame the problem through research and trying to understand what people need.

We were asked to frame the problem in one tweet or sentence to make it really succinct. This task showed me how much I, and also some other classmates, tried to talk around this topic by explaining our solutions.

Focusing on the problem rather than jumping to solutions, allows you to be freer in your creativity during prototyping. Therefore, focusing on framing the problem rather the solutions is something I’m going to work on in the future.


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