Selling DVDs in the age of digital piracy: X-Men Experience at the Sky Studios

For the DVD release of the X-Men film Days of a Future Past Sky has opened the X-Men Experience at its studios in North Greenwich. At the experience they exhibit costumes and you can take pictures of yourself as Wolverine, Storm or Magneto.

All of this is free, so why should Sky bother? People who are interested in the film have already seen it in the cinemas or illegally. Especially in an age of digital piracy it is difficult to sell DVDs, when people are often able to just watch the film illegally. Offering an experience like this is one way to interact with customers and give them what an illegal copy of the film can’t.

Not only does attending the experience cause people to be surrounded by Sky’s marketing for other programs, people also have positive memories connected to the Sky brand. An additional function could be to make people who saw the film recall how much they liked it through letting them interact with props, thereby creating a desire to buy the film on DVD. It would be interesting if, once the DVD is released on November 10th, they also offer it for sale at the experience.

If you are interested in visiting the X-Men Experience in the Sky Studios London, it is open until November 16th. Let me know what you think Sky Studio’s intention is.


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