Storytelling as business skill

How often are English literature students told their major is useless and irrelevant to business? But that’s simply not true. Literary scholars have a deep understanding of storytelling, which has vital uses in business, too.

Our whole culture is organized around storytelling. We tell stories to share experiences, information, emotions and to create empathy for our problems in other people. Similarly, brands aim to tell the story of their product in a way that creates empathy for the need the product addresses in potential customers.

Story-telling skills are also necessary to express the company’s origin story and mythology. Especially people in leadership roles need to dip into storytelling to communicate past successes and future visions.

For all these purposes traditional story-telling methods, such as Joseph Campbell’s monomyth can be very useful. Many lessons you had about storytelling can be applied to the business world, so don’t let anyone tell you your English major is irrelevant.


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