Making money in the creative industries

With every product or service the creator has to decide on a business model to make money. This decision can be especially difficult in a creative industry like TV.

Since British TV channels such as Channel 4 and ITV aren’t government-funded one of their main revenue streams is ads. However, both of these broadcasters have added a new spin to this way of making money. Whenever you watch a programme on their online players, and it’s time for an ad break, you can choose which advert to watch. The selection of mostly four adverts will be from the same company but applying to different company values or products. I am certain that in addition the companies thereby also gain valuable insight into which products or company values attract the most interest from potential customers. In turn ITV and Channel 4 are probably able to charge more for the adverts.

Especially start-ups should allow themselves to be more creative in how they can increase their revenue streams to invent additional benefits like this.


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