Marketing strategies straight from the market

Last time I walked through Convent Garden, free bottles of Mountain Dew were being handed out. Personally, I’m not a fan of fizzy drinks and I would never buy a bottle on a whim but because it was free and I was thirsty after walking around a lot, I was willing to give it a try.

This is of course Mountain Dew’s goal, hoping people will like the taste and start buying their product. In my case it didn’t work but it might have for other people.

Mountain Dew might also be hoping to create positive associations with their product because their potential customers receive a free drink when they are thirsty because of the hot weather.

Furthermore, people took selfies of themselves and the Mountain Dew bottles they were given. It is fair to assume they posted these pictures to social networks, providing Mountain Dew with free online marketing.

On the downside of this strategy, many bottles from which not more than a sip had been drunk, were left around the area. This creates the impression that the taste of the product is so terrible people won’t even drink Mountain Dew when it is given to them for free.

Overall this seems to be a successful strategy, though. The bottles in the street will be cleaned up soon, whereas the pictures people posted online and their positive experiences will remain.


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