Making your dream job come true

I have been hearing people say quite often lately “I can’t do that because I’m never going to be a successful writer/ballerina/etc.” The answer to this statement resting on the tip of my tongue is: Of course you’re never going to get there with that attitude. If you don’t start practising and believing in the chance of becoming successful you will never have your dream job.

Actually, if you are not prepared to work hard and fail many times, before you become successful, maybe you’re not as passionate about this career as you thought you were. However, I also believe that the key to motivating yourself to work so hard and to try again after you fail is a spark of naïve hope.

In Chris Colfer’s film Struck by Lightening there is a scene where Carson asks one of his fellow classmates when she stopped believing in her childhood dream of becoming a ballerina.

She replies that people laughed at her and that she simply grew up. To this, Carson answers:


“In what grade do we stop believing in ourselves? In what grade do we stop believing, period? I mean someone has to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Someone has to be a ballerina. Why not us?”


So why shouldn’t you be a writer, ballerina or whatever your dream job is?


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