Brand marketing: a fairytale

While wandering through London, looking for examples of how brands try to interact with people in public spaces, I also came across this.


This image sprayed onto Waterloo Bridge did make me curious enough to follow the fairies’ trail online. I found out that this was actually a Marks & Spencer campaign from last Christmas.

There are articles about the build up to the campaign and how Marks & Spencer changed their strategy from previous years, relying on native advertising rather than celebreties.

The key to the campaign’s popularity may also have been in the random acts of kindness, surprise gifts and handwritten calling cards which were delivered in the fairies’ names,  before the connection to Mark & Spencer was ever revealed. This allowed for the buzz about who could be the fairies’ creators to grow and people, who may not have had such a good perception of Marks & Spencer, to get involved.


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