Refugees reclaiming their voice through theatre

When you watch the video it quickly becomes clear that the rumours of art being healing can be true to a certain extent. In this case theatre allows refugees to cope with trauma, express their fears and also gives them a voice to raise awareness of the situation they are in now.

While they may be safe from war and ISIS, Germany isn’t what they hoped it would be. There has been backlash from right-wing extremist groups, going so far as attacks on refugee centres. Refugees are also not allowed to work, leaving them waiting in limbo until someone else decides their fate.

In many other European countries, not to mention countries such as Jordan and Turkey where far more refugees have fled to, there are refugees in similar situations. They did not want to leave but they had no choice. Now they are in a new country, without job prospects, feeling like they don’t have a future. But perhaps theatre projects similar to this can help them cope with the situation and also tell their experiences in a way that’s easier to understand for people than the reports in the media.


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