Five things to consider when creating a new slogan

Slogans are the first thing a lot of people think about when they hear the term advertising. However, slogans are also very closely linked to branding. Even if a slogan is brilliant by itself, this doesn’t mean it fits the brand. Here are five things to consider when you are creating a new slogan.



It’s normal that while you’re collecting ideas, you go through a few ideas that only came to you because another company already uses them so effectively they’re stuck in your head. Perhaps it’s simply an idea many people already had. Therefore, be careful to research the originality of your slogan and make sure that it’s especially new to your industry.


It’s okay if the slogan is longer in the first few drafts, where you are trying to narrow down what it is you want to convey. However, the final version shouldn’t be longer than a few words. It should also be concise.


Does the slogan serve its purpose? This may be difficult to answer once you’ve reworded it twenty times. Ask your colleagues from other departments. Ask your friends. Ask your neighbour. Make sure you are conveying your message clearly.


The slogan should not just fit the campaign but also the organization as a whole. Once you have your final ideas shortlisted, relate them to your overall brand story. Do they fit the tone, the style and the value proposition? If one of your finalists contradicts your brand message, you should consider changing it or taking it off the list.

It’s a process

Finally, it’s a process. You go through many drafts, ideally also testing them on friends and family, perhaps even your customers. It’s a process you should allow to take its time. Don’t be afraid to test and revise repeatedly.


Need inspiration? Here’s a list of commercial slogans.


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