My free eBook Marketing Handbook for Writers is out!

Marketing Handbook for Writers



Get the Marketing Handbook for Writers now!


Why even bother with marketing?

Even if you are not self-published, don’t rely on your publisher to do all the work. Of course the publisher will follow up their investment in you with a bit of marketing around the release. However, afterwards you’re on your own, when it comes to retaining your readers and keeping your books on the shelves.

Here’s what the Marketing Handbook for Writers can do for you!

The Marketing Handbook for Writers guides you through the process of setting up your marketing. You don’t need to have your book already or about to be published. You can never get started too early on marketing and building your audience.

First, this Handbook will give you an overview of how to position your book and find your niche in the market. Then I go through the different marketing channels and how to set them up. In the second part, I give advice on how to keep things going and how to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Finally, there’s also a list of 25 in-depth marketing suggestions for when you feel stuck.


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