Interview with Megan O’Russell

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a professional actor and spend most of my time traveling the country for different shows. I love writing because it’s a natural extension of the storytelling that I do on stage, but as an author I get to create the story I want to tell instead of bringing to life someone else’s imaginings.

What books/stories have you written so far?

I am the author of The Tethering Series, books one and two of which are currently available with book three set to be released this summer. I also have a Christmas novella Nuttycracker Sweet, which was released last holiday season.

What writing environment do you prefer to work in?

Since I travel for shows all the time, I usually live in a magical place called cast housing. It’s something like Narnia meets frat house. I share my bedroom with my wonderful husband, but we share housing with anywhere from three to loads of other people. This means that sometimes I get to write out in the Florida sunshine, sometimes on the couch surrounded by roomies, and occasionally in a tiny room in Alaska.

Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages per day?

I try. I really do. It depends on what kind of show schedule I’m working with. If I’m in tech, I’m lucky if I can get in a solid thousand words. If I’m just performing, I try for 2,000 words and some edits. Life happens, and I can’t beat myself up, ‘cause I love my day job!

How do you recharge after writing time?

I love to hike. If I’m stuck on a scene or trying to figure out what project to work on next, the best thing I can do is climb a mountain. There’s something about a really hard climb that makes thinking easier.

Please tell us about your current release.

The Tethering is a YA fantasy series about a boy who loves a girl and would do anything to protect her.

What inspired you to write this book?

It all started with the idea of a little boy waiting in a window for a girl to come back. I knew I needed to find out more about the boy and why he was waiting. Figuring out Jacob Evans’s tale turned into the story of The Tethering.

Which character was the most fun to write?

Most definitely Claire! She’s a snarky thirteen-year-old witch who loves cats, fairies, and all things pink. The best thing about Claire is she’s so cute she can get away with saying all the things I wish I could everyday.

If this book is part of a series, what is the next book? Any details you can share?

The third book in the series, The Dragon Unbound, is set to be released this summer. As for things I can share, this story goes darker and deeper than the first two have. More magic, more danger, and more love.

What draws you to the genre you write in?

I love writing YA because of the breadth of field it allows you. Teenagers are just beginning to discover themselves and the grownup world around them. They’re finding love, feeling pain, learning to fight for themselves, and we as authors have the privilege of taking our readers through the discovery process right along with our characters.

How are you publishing this book and why?

I work with two different publishers. My Christmas novella Nuttycracker Sweet was published by Fiery Seas Publishing and The Tethering Series is with Silence in the Library Publishing. I love both publishers and have had a great experience working with both of them. For me the concept of self publishing is overwhelming. There is so much that goes into creating a book, and while I love writing, I really really appreciate all the support and experience my publishers bring to the process!


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