Five things to consider when creating a new slogan

Advice on creating slogans … More Five things to consider when creating a new slogan


The written word meets virtual reality

At the Frankfurter Buchmesse, this Indonesian Start-up presented its unique blend of the written word and virtual reality. Their augmented reality adds virtual elements to the physical world. Rather than emulating the interactivity of video games, this is an entirely new medium. The company sees their innovation as the future of publishing, which will not be able to … More The written word meets virtual reality

Telling your organizational brand story

Last Monday I attended Deborah Anderson’s talk on How to tell your organizational brand story through marketing at the Festival of Stories in Kingston. I particularly enjoyed the storytelling point of view on brand and marketing. After all, the purpose of your marketing is the audience. Audiences don’t want to be bombarded with advertisement messages. They … More Telling your organizational brand story

Native advertising: Creativity trumps technology

Brands often have the tendency to be attracted to new technologies, to new platforms. It’s understandable. Every brand wants to be the cool kid that discovered it first and no one wants to miss an opportunity. However, technology cannot make up for a lack of creativity. The most advanced technological innovation cannot help the brand’s … More Native advertising: Creativity trumps technology