Developing the brand identity

  • narrowing down on what your value proposition is
  • creating a brand story fitting the entire organization
  • developing an understanding of how the organization relates to the brand

Consulting on Digital Strategy

  • setting goals (e.g. customer acquisition or retention, building credibility etc.)
  • determining suitable channels
  • analysis of which channels different target group segments and competitors use

Setting up new Social Media Channels

  • setting up new channels, including newsletters
  • developing profiles (e.g. filling the profiles with content, creating images for this purpose)
  • creating brand guidelines for the usage of the channels

Media Plans 

  • creating media plans which are custom-tailored for the target audience(s) for all applicable channels
  • determining sources and inspiration for possible content
  • planning topic- or event-specific campaigns

Content Marketing

  • copywriting
  • creating content for social media and blogs
  • E-mail marketing
  • videos


  • analyzing viewing and activity statistics, using, for example, Google Analytics
  • interpreting data to gain valuable insights
  • generating reports on social media performance

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