“Change in the digital marketing arena is omnipresent. There are always new opportunities to be innovative. That’s why I constantly reevaluate my way of working to gain the best results for my clients.”

Julia Fellner, MA

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Current clients

I’m currently offering social media and digital strategy consulting to the following companies.


Togada Studio

Channels: Website | Facebook | TwitterLinkedIn | YouTube



Channels: Website | Facebook

IMG_20160228_143608Wine & Rum

A brand-new blogging platform about travel and culture in Austria & Barbados.

Channels: Website & Blog | Newsletter


My services

  • co-founder
  • blogger
  • creating a brand identity
  • advertising the blog
  • writing newsletters, building subscriber list

Success story

  • travel blog for millennials and expats, with an inside/outside view of culture
  • acquiring affiliate partners

1526378_596555127076506_1416679067_nWolfpack Productions

Wolfpack Productions creates award-winning web series and sketches

Channels: Website | Twitter | Facebook | InstagramYouTube

My services

  • reviewing previous strategy and analyzing social media performance
  • creating concept for new marketing strategy and how to implement it

Success story

Christopher Rithin, Executive Producer & Creative Director: “We were having problems with our social media marketing. Julia Fellner created a clear strategy that highlighted key points in how to develop our audience in a thorough and detailed breakdown. Julia’s plan has given us the ability to think about marketing in a new way and we are now seeing the benefits of this. Connecting more with our audience, growing and developing a relationship with them.”

Copywriting (English and German)

  • blog posts
  • landing pages
  • edits/rewrites of website texts

I have done copywriting projects for digital marketing agencies and companies with digital products, such as WordPress Plug-ins.

I also write for the following blogs TEDxVienna | Publishing | Wine & Rum | Digital Marketing

Feel free to request access to my writing portfolio by emailing me.

05_Logo Gewerbecoach

FELiX Demenzbegleitung & FELiX Mentaltraining & FELiX Beratungsgruppe

FELiX offers memory training and care for people with dementia

Channels: WordPress | Twitter | Facebook | Newsletter

Logo&Slogan + Frau

My services

  • developing the brand identity (value proposition, brand story, how the brand relates to the organizational structure)
  • consulting on the different possibilities, which digital marketing offers
  • creating social media accounts
  • analysis of all online media accounts, including the website (Google Analytics)
  • creating content marketing plans
  • E-mail marketing
  • event management support
  • creating media and marketing reports
  • Facebook advertising
  • writing, directing and producing videos (simple stop-motion animation, pitch video etc.)

Success story

Andrea Stix: “Digital Marketing has helped us communicate better with our younger target groups. The bounce off rate on the website has decreased and especially the blog helps us to develop our credibility as experts. Julia’s content plan helps us to keep up our progress.”

To be a HeroFront CoverJulia Fellner, MA – Author

Two of my novels and short stories have been published.

Channels: WebsiteWriting Tumblr | Reading Tumblr | Facebook | TwitterNewsletter | GoodReads | Instagram

Digital and overall Marketing StrategyHandbook Cover Vs 2-3

  • choosing suitable channels for marketing and community building
  • creating media plans
  • building the brand
  • conducting specific campaigns (e.g. Christmas, anniversary of publication etc.)
  • organizing events, such as workshops

Content Marketing

  • creating content for social media
  • regular newsletter
  • blogging for different target groups, e.g. Self-publishing Handbook, which was then published as e-Book

Success Story

  • sold enough books to reach breakeven with publishing costs
  • a growing community and platform
  • long-term retention of audience

TEDxVienna_Logo_2TEDx Vienna

TEDx are indepdendently organized TED events, which aim at supporting ideas worth spreading.

Channel: Blog

My services

  • content marketing & blogging
  • support of event management
  • interviewer
  • guest blogger for Metropole

Success Story

The blog keeps the community active between the annual sold out events.


The Mirus Project

The Mirus Project was a Lean start-up, which produces customized educational materials for children with learning disabilities.

Channels: Facebook | Newsletter | Website


My services

  • brand building and communications
  • contacting potential customers and leads
  • customer relationship management
  • product testing with potential customers

Success Story

Although the Mirus Project was closed down when all of its founders parted ways after graduating from the course, in which they had met, it was an amazing experience to see children enjoying the learning discs.


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